A’s Mechanical & Builders, Inc. was founded by Orlando V. Diniega on January 2001.He was born and raised in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte Philippines. He graduated at FEATI University of the Philippines with a B. S. in Mechanical Engineering degree.He was employed at Pacific Banking Corporation of the Philippines as a Building Administrator.

In 1977, he migrated in the United States of America to join his family in Honolulu, Hawaii. As an immigrant, it was hard to look for a job as an Engineer. He worked in the service industry for 1 year but never stop looking for a better opportunity. With his perseverance and determination, he finally was hired by E. E. Black & Company as a Project Engineer. His engineering career started to shine and worked in different companies as a Project Engineer, Mechanical Designer, Senior Mechanical Designer, Project Manager and finally founded A’s Mechanical & Builders, Inc. as the going President and RME.

Michael Diniega, his son, is the Vice President and in charge of the field operation. He started helping his father at the age of 17. His on the job training gave him the skills to help his father run the company.

The founder, Orlando V. Diniega, has over 30 years of commercial and residential construction and mechanical engineering experience. His dedication and passion to do his work helped him grow and maintain his business despite of all of the challenges and bumps in running a business in Hawaii.